Kirk Wood is part of the Armada Workshop. We are made up of two people, Dale Kirkwood - Joinery: With over 10 years experience in the timber industry Dale works with technical design and manufacturing; and Henrich Zrubec with over 14 years experience in furniture design. We love what we do and that positive energy and passion is in every piece we create.
Time to see what we can do for you:
Furniture Construction
Furniture created to your exact specification, style and taste. Only your imagination limits what we can make for you. Whether you want one chair made or an entire kitchen, we are here to assist you and help turn ideas into reality.
Furniture & Kitchen Design
Do you want to make the most of the space in your apartment or house? We can help design great looking but also practical furniture. We can make furniture to any size or shape so you are not longer limited to what is in a catalogue.
On-site Installation
Don't know the difference between a planer and a router? Well, we do! We can come to your home and install any kitchen, furniture or other wooden products you need. Clean, professional and trustworthy installation.
Possible Finishes
Wood Varieties
Stock Products

Who are we?

Meet the pair that together make Armada, the parent of Kirk Wood.
Dale Kirkwood
Dale Kirkwood


Dale has over 10 years experience in the timber industry. Dale works with technical design & manufacturing.

Henrich Zrubec
Henrich Zrubec


Henry Zrubec has over 14 years experience in furniture design.

    Trnavska Cesta 90, Bratislava 82104, Slovak Republic
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    E-mail: Phone: 0949126342

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